Project Background
We are for Women of Color- Native American, Pacific Islander, Southeast Asian, black, Latina, East Asian American, multi-racial, white passing, Alaska Native, Nigerian American, Puerto Rican, all the ethnicities- we are here for you. We are for queer women. We are for Jesus followers.                                                              We are for leadership- in all its forms. It doesn’t have to be in your job description, you just need to be taking initiative to influence for greater justice, greater liberation, deeper truth telling in your work place or community. We are for women who want to learn more about other women of color. You will always be affirmed in your own ethnic identity, but Liberated Together is also about creating a community where we do work to learn about each other and break down the walls between our communities and each other.
During this project I was tasked with creating a series of designs that carry the stories of the cohort. These images are displayed throughout the website at liberated 
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